Friday, December 19, 2014

 Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah!

 Hi", I am Jamel. I am 9 years old and would like to invite you to Jump into Adventures with me and my Nana!

Join me as we jump in & immerse ourselves in our first deep sea adventure!

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My Nana & I are very happy, we have co-authored our first PQ's Science Series Adventure Story entitled "Jamel's Deep Sea Adventure!" 

It  was just published December 19th, 2014! 

We are now working on the Kindle Version and it will be in the Lending Library too! 

She has to do the post since I am under 18 and not allowed to sign up for a blog alone. 

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Meet the hammerhead sharks, beluga whales, manta rays penguins and many more friends we encounter at the Georgia Aquarium at Pemberton Place in Atlanta, GA.

Click here for GA Aquarium interactive videos

   Click here to view the exhibits we visited.

 Visit the GA Aquarium's Exhibits click on the picture   
We saw sea horses, star fish, hammerhead sharks & jelly fish!

In Jamel's Deep Sea Adventure practice:

  • Conversational punctuation
  • Contraction practice
  • Learn new vocabulary words
  • Finding Scientific names of ocean friends
  • Researching ocean creatures habitat and migration patterns
You have the opportunity to draw your own new species of sea creature and name it. We can both imagine finding a new species of deep sea creature and describing its characteristics. 

Click on the picture of Bobby, my beluga whale friend to see the Beluga Whale webcam at the Georgia Aquarium and see what they are up to today
 Meet Bobby beluga whale web cam at the Georgia Aquarium
I enjoyed watching the whales swim and
this one came up to the window to see me too. 

This is one of my sketches from the book"Keeper of the Fire".

You get to see one of my sketches and how it looked in the book "Keeper of the Fire" today that I illustrated for my Nana.

We focus on the S.T.E.M. program objectives in a fun way.

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Wild Kratts: 
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Wild Kratts Science Videos 
Wild Kratts Creaturepedia (Animal Information, 
Wild Kratts Animal Habitats

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I know more about my family's origins and history than most adults and I want to help you learn about all the cultures of my family through this blog. I am African, European, African-American and Native America. Visit my families & Nana's On-Museum at

 link to Serena Wilsons History Maker biography
My Omie - Serena Strother Wilson

My Omie (great grandmother), Mrs.Serena Wilson, was an Art History Maker, Quilter and historian. She and my grandfather and my Nana teach people about history and how to get along better. Visit our website at

In this book you learn about the African to African Americans now called Gullah-Geechee people. They lived alone the North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida coastlines.

                     Click the picture to find out more about Gullah Geechie People in America.
 Click for more Gullah-Geechee Information from the NPS
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